what is hockey booktok ?


BookTok is a community on TikTok where users share book recommendations, reviews, and discussions. Hockey BookTok is a subset of BookTok that focuses on hockey romance novels.

The Rise of Hockey BookTok

The popularity of hockey romance novels has been on the rise in recent years. This is due in part to the success of certain popular hockey romance novels, such as The Hating Game by Sally Thorne and The Winter Rink by Tessa Bailey.

TikTok has also played a role in the rise of Hockey BookTok. TikTok is a great platform for sharing short videos about books, and it’s easy to see how hockey romance novels would be well-suited for the platform.

The Genre of Hockey Romance

Hockey romance novels typically feature a strong, handsome hockey player and a smart, independent woman. The books often focus on the physical and emotional connection between the two characters, and they often feature a lot of steamy scenes.

Some of the most popular hockey romance novels include:

  • The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
  • The Winter Rink by Tessa Bailey
  • Pucked by Helena Hunting
  • Off-Ice by Sarina Bowen
  • The Score by Elle Kennedy

The Impact of Hockey BookTok

Hockey BookTok is changing the way people read. It’s introducing people to a new genre of romance novels, and it’s helping to make hockey more popular among women.

Hockey BookTok is also having a positive impact on the publishing industry. It’s helping to sell more hockey romance novels, and it’s encouraging publishers to take more risks on new authors.


Hockey BookTok is a growing community that’s passionate about hockey romance novels. It’s a great place to find book recommendations, reviews, and discussions. If you’re a fan of hockey or romance novels, then you should definitely check out Hockey BookTok.

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