what is hockey billet ?


Hockey billeting is a system that allows junior hockey players to live with a host family while they play for a team in another city. Billet families provide players with a place to live, meals, and support.

Who are billet families?

Billet families are typically families with children of their own. They are often passionate about hockey and are willing to open their homes to a young player. Billet families must be willing to provide a safe and supportive environment for the player.

Why do hockey players billet?

Many junior hockey players billet because they live in a different city from their team. Billeting allows them to continue playing hockey at a high level without having to uproot their entire lives. Billeting can also be a great way for players to experience a new city and culture.

The billeting process

The billeting process typically begins with the player’s team. The team will contact billet families in the area and arrange for the player to visit the home. If the player and family are a good fit, the player will be billeted with the family for the season.

The benefits of billeting

There are many benefits to billeting for both the player and the billet family. For the player, billeting can provide a sense of home away from home. They have the opportunity to live with a family who cares about them and supports their hockey career. Billeting can also help players adjust to a new city and make new friends.

For the billet family, billeting can be a rewarding experience. They have the opportunity to meet a new young person and help them achieve their hockey dreams. Billet families also get to enjoy the excitement of hockey season and watch the player develop their skills.

The challenges of billeting

There are also some challenges associated with billeting. For the player, it can be difficult to adjust to living with a new family and following their rules. They may also miss their own family and friends. For the billet family, it can be challenging to adjust to having a new person in the home. They may also have to adjust their schedules to accommodate the player’s hockey commitments.


Billeting is a valuable part of the junior hockey experience. It provides players with a safe and supportive environment to live and grow. It also allows players to experience a new city and culture. If you are interested in becoming a billet family, please contact your local junior hockey team.

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